Dekha Hobe

Dekha Hobe

“Dekha Hobe” a joint initiative of Colored Zebra and Magic Minds, endeavors to create a new opening to the concept of Live digital performances. Each month we will bring in new ideas and vision. “Freedom Stories”, the first episode is an amalgamation of music and storytelling which will focus on the rejuvenation of free mind and peripherals.
Featured Artists:
– Sreelekha Mitra 
– Durnibar Saha 
– Sudip Mukherjee

How are we different from any other Digital Concert?

1. For the first time, we are bringing a theatrical performance in the demography of any Digital Bengali Content, where people from different media and artistic backgrounds are joining in to perform live on stage.
2. We value our audience’s time and availability. That’s why we are pioneering a concept where we are keeping the live performance intact/ without any edit for 48 hours on this event page so that none of our esteemed audience doesn’t miss it anyway. We simply value their time and availability.
3. 6 is a number that we believe in, that is why we will keep coming back on the 6th of every month and 6 currency is what you pay for quality entertainment that will touch your soul.

You can get your tickets in these three simple steps:

1. Click on “Pay Here” and you will be taken to the registration page.
2. Register Yourself with your name, email id, and a login password for this website.
3. Re-Enter the website and click on Pay Here, you will be redirected to the ticket page where you fill out your information and pay through debit/credit card.

It’s that simple so go ahead and grab yours !

General Ticket
$ 6

Allows one person/ device to watch the show for once at any time within 24 hours of the event.

Platinum Ticket
$ 10

Allows one person/device to watch the show once at any time within 24 hours of the event. Allows access to join a special green room chat session with the artists for 30 mins to discuss about the event.

Sudip Mukherjee
Sudip Mukherjee needs no introduction to the Bengali Film n Television viewing community … This versatile popular actor is also an active theatre personality while being known for his brilliant oratory too.
Sreelekha Mitra
The name which resonates free thinking with a repertoire of decades in Media and entertainment.
Durnibar Saha
The voice of Bengal which brings freshness and peace into the hearts of the listeners.
  1. Alokesh Roy

    Alokesh Roy from Kuwait

  2. Sutapa Saha

    I have bought a ticket for the concert dekha hbe.How will I get the link to watch the live concert??

    1. stream

      You must have received the link in the confirmation mail.

  3. Asif Rahman Khan

    I like to watch

  4. Rajib Mitra

    You Guys Rock..🤘🤘


    How to get the link for Dekha hobe ?

    1. stream

      You must have received the link in the confirmation email.

  6. sandipan Dasgupra

    I made the payment, haven’t received the link yet. When will I receive it.?

    1. stream

      You must have received the link in the confirmation email. Pls check your spam mailbox as well if you can’t find the email.
      Contact us at if you still face any issue.

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