Dr Kiran Agarwal
Dr Kiran Agarwal is a General Practioner with a special interest in Neuro-otology, having done research at the Charing Cross Hospital and published in peer reviewed journals including the Lancet.
Dr Rohani Omar
Dr Rohani Omar is Senior Specialist Registrar in Audiovestibular Medicine, currently in Great Ormond Street Hospital
Professor Herman Kingma
Professor Herman Kingma from the University of Maastricht will talk about the ‘BalanceBelt’ which he and his team have devised for rehabilitation of patients with bilateral vestibular failure.
Hon Associate Professor Joseph Manjaly
Mr Joseph Manjaly, Consultant Otologist and Honorary Clinical Associate Professor at the Ear Institute, University College London, will discuss ‘Televideo-otology’
Professor De Wet Swanepoel
Professor De Wet Swanepoel from the University of Pretoria and Editor in Chief of the International Journal of Audiology, will speak about his work on teleaudiology
Professor Kevin Munro
Professor Kevin Munro (University of Manchester) will discuss his recent work on COVID-19 and hearing loss.
Professor Shekhawat
presently at the Ear Institute, University College London but shortly to take up Chair in Audiology at Flinders University, Adelaide, will speak on Tinnitus and neuro-modulation : Research updates.
Sudip Mukherjee
Sudip Mukherjee needs no introduction to the Bengali Film n Television viewing community … This versatile popular actor is also an active theatre personality while being known for his brilliant oratory too.
Sreelekha Mitra
The name which resonates free thinking with a repertoire of decades in Media and entertainment.
Durnibar Saha
The voice of Bengal which brings freshness and peace into the hearts of the listeners.
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